Subsidiary Company

2013 – Ehlel Academy

The National Academy, Ehlel Academy is a leading training facility within the field of Information Technology and has been operating steadily since 2013.

2015 – Guangzhou Institute

One of Mongolia’s most sought-after and reputable new generation startup companies, Ehlel Brand LLC, established its first 100% Mongolian-invested company in Guangzhou, a Chinese industrial region in 2015.

2019 – Ehlel Publishing LLC

Ehlel Publishing LLC has introduced 11 types of books on personal development, business and finance management to its customers with the primary aim of contributing to the intellectual investment of Mongolian youth ever since its establishment in 2019.

2019 – Ehlel Electronics LLC

Ehlel Electronics manufactures and sells mobile phone accessories and accessories. We strive to be the “Beginning” of brands that are manufactured.

2019 – Ehlel Motivation

Ehlel Motivation LLC was established in August of 2019 and specializes in event management, book publishing, video content and marketing management.


2019 – Ehlel Business

Founded on July 30, 2019, as a  subsidiary of Ehlel Brand LLC by Soronzonbold Chinzorig, the current CEO, Ehlel Business LLC was established with the sole purpose of becoming a reliable partner as well as a bridge for all individuals, business and organizations and encourage them to participate in a wider range of business activities, while also contributing to the future of the Mongolian financial market.

2020 – “TSELMEG” School of technology and General Education

The primary school “Tselmeg” has aimed to provide its students with knowledge of technology that is accepted everywhere in the technological era.

2020 – Ehlel Hulan LLC

Ehlel Hulan LLC started its operations in 2020 as an innovation and technological company and is the first company to enter the market with their newest product, the first ever Mongolian Smartphone “Hulan21 Plus”. On September 21, 2021, the Ehlel brand team officially unveiled the first smartphone Hulan21 Plus developed by Mongolian engineers at the Corporate Convention Center.